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Collections for myself
Collections for someone else
(because we’re flexible like that)

Ask and receive without the awks.

Our guess? You care about the gifting experience your friends and family have. And you’re not interested in contributing to gift-waste (it’s a real thing).

  • bulletGather funds and favours to put toward things you really want or need.
  • bulletHelp your people feel like they’re contributing toward something meaningful.
  • bulletCompletely secure and free to use.
  • bulletPerfect for wedding registries, baby showers, special birthdays, new-business launches, divorce parties - you name it.
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Create a collection

Create a collection for any group gifting occasion and personalise it with your own imagery, any event details and a group message.

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Add your gifts

Set up your Gravy collection with anything you'd appreciate a contribution toward.

  • bulletTravel funds? Bon voyage.
  • bulletHelp moving home? Muscle = sorted.
  • bulletA SNOO? We hear it’s like a third parent.
  • bulletA contribution to charity on your behalf? You good human, you.
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Some real gifts and pledges we’ve seen
If you’re wanting a little bit of inspo
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Launch Complete

This is a well-deserved confetti moment.

Welcome to your live collection, it’s time to get sharing!

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Step three

Launch & share

The exciting part! Publish and share your collection with loved ones via a unique personalised link. Share in a text, email or in physical form as a printed link.


Receive contributions

Watch the financial contributions and pledges of time and good deeds roll in from your community, along with accompanying well-wishes.

You’ll have a clear view of who’s gifted what, so you can thank them/schedule in the pledges later. And all gift funds will be paid out to your nominated bank account as they’re received.

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Use the funds gathered to put towards the gifts or experiences you requested. And get in touch with your pledge-givers to schedule in any kind gifts of time, skills and good deeds (we’ll remind them of their pledge on your behalf, too).

Coming soon
The ability to purchase gift cards and products for a huge variety of top-shelf Aussie retailers within Gravy. Hang tight!

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Let’s create an amazing collection.