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Our mission at Gravy? To make gifting more meaningful by redefining how we give. And to truly make the thought count.

Modern gifting? It doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

A lot of the time it’s wasteful (one in five gifts end up in landfill, one in three gift cards are never redeemed). It’s also time-consuming, lacking in personalisation and frankly, a chore.
The purpose of gifting? To deepen human connections.
How does Gravy tackle this? By bringing the meaningfulness back into gifting. By allowing people to not only group together funds to put toward something special but to also enable the gifting of human time, skills and good deeds.
We believe you should be able to receive gifts of help or goodwill from your community just as easily as you can receive physical goods or experiences. And that often, those gifts are far more valuable.

The Gravy Gang

G’day! We’re Mel, Amy and a small team of gift and tech-obsessed folk based in and around Sydney and the NSW Central Coast.
We realised gifting gave us jollies during the pandemic. Financially pinched on a personal level, we were struggling with the traditional ways of showing care to our friends, family and colleagues. And it got us thinking: what even constitutes a good gift? What if I could just do something for this dear person?
Probably like you, we also wanted to be more conscious consumers. And as mums who are responsible for all the gifting in our families, we knew how much we’d appreciate a gifting platform that made the process easier and more personal.
We’ve kicked Gravy off in group gifting and will be expanding into person-to-person gifting in early 2023.

What makes Gravy special?

Aside from our sparkling personality? The ability to give and receive things that might not cost a cent.

It’s the first gifting platform that allows people to lean on their community and their respective talents to mark special occasions.

Give better, get more

Not just money (though, data shows that people give up to 35% more online). And not just easier (but this is also true). Gravy fosters community and encourages doing-good at a grassroots level.

Not just the “Hallmark” moments

We’re here for the birthdays and baby showers. But we’re also here for the ‘A-year-in-remission’, ‘You-started-a-business’, ‘You-finally-dumped-that-jackass’. We recognise all the major life moments.

We’re here for you

We’re not anonymous. We’re Mel, Amy and a small team of people that love making gifting count. We’re here for all your gifting needs and are only a message away if you need help.


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