10 February 2022


Katie Kennedy


Our Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Website And Registry URL

Digital wedding registries and websites are on the up. Which is no surprise, they enable couples to communicate extra information and provide a transparent and seamless gifting experience. It also means coming up with a clever and unique URL for your site. Nailing your wedding website or digital registry URL is important and definitely involves a bit of brain power. But if you’re stuck for ideas / have no idea where to start, we’ve put our top five tips below to give you a helping hand. 

  1. Keep it short

This is super important. Keeping your URL short and sweet has two main benefits. The first being that your guests aren’t going to battle typing it into their browser and accidentally make a typo in the process. The second is that it will look nicer on your printed invitations (if you go down that route), on average, we’d say invites are usually around the A5 mark. So space is at a premium. The last thing you want is a really long wedding website or registry URL messing with your invitation design and running across two lines. 


  1. Avoid unnecessary symbols and punctuation

This is a biggie. We get it, your preferred URL might have already been snapped up by another couple, however we strongly recommend not including symbols or punctuation in your URL. Things can easily be misread or get lost in translation when guests go to type your URL, they might accidentally land on another couples registry. e.g. vs


  1. Get creative 

As long as it still ticks the box for being short and sweet, don’t be afraid to get creative! This will also ensure that your URL is unique and isn’t already taken by another couple. Use your nicknames or wedding hashtag. We’ve added a bunch of suggestions below.

  1. Check your spelling

Triple check your spelling. We know, it seems obvious, but typos happen to the best of us, so always triple check an extra letter, number or space hasn’t slipped in. TIP - also do this for your invitations and menus prior to printing. Also avoid misspelling words on purpose or using slang. Again, this will avoid confusion with guests, especially if they are of an older generation.



  1. Get techy  

With the rise of QR codes (Quick Response - anyone else just learn that?) thanks to the virus that shall not be named, we’ve seen lots of couples adding a QR code to their wedding invitations to make it even easier for guests to access their website and registry. Guests simply scan the code with the camera of their mobile phone and are taken directly to the provided URL. You can make your own QR code in about three minutes via websites like QR code generator.


In need of a helping hand? Here are some thought starters.


Your names 

[name] and [name]


[mr] and [mr] [lastname]

[mr] and [mrs] [lastname]

[mrs] and [mrs] [lastname]

Wedding details

[name] and [name] [wedding year]

[name] and [name] [wedding month] [wedding year]

[name] and [name] [wedding venue]


The [surname]s

The [surname]-[surname]s


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