24 May 2023


Karina Prebble


A Guide To Organising The Best Group Gift

Since time began, humans have exchanged gifts as a way to celebrate, offer support and give thanks. What is gifted has certainly changed (a knob of butter probably wouldn’t cut it these days) but the gesture still carries the same meaning - to build connection and show someone that people care. 

The concept of group gifting isn’t new, either. For decades, people have supported the idea that it’s preferable to receive a single good gift than multiple bin-worthy ones. And who are we to argue? 

In a survey by luxury hamper company Cartwright and Butler, 58 percent of teachers said if parents were to give a gift, they preferred a joint present from the class rather than from individual students. In other words, most people (particularly teachers) don’t need another scented candle, pot plant or personalised mug. They’ve probably got enough hand cream, too.

It may come across as impolite - ungrateful, even - but it’s a simple truth: nobody needs that many knick-knacks. It’s why group gifts are so popular as it means a number of people can pitch in and contribute to a more meaningful and impactful gift for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, weddings, thank-you’s, retirements, end of year shindigs, graduations and more. 

Through our digital gifting company Gravy, we’ve taken the idea of group gifting one step further. Instead of only being able to gift traditional items like jewellery, socks, wine (or even some hand cream), Gravy also allows people to “gift” stuff that doesn’t cost a cent. For example, a handwritten card, some homemade honey, help painting the house or participating in a fundraising event. We call these gifts “pledges” and it’s essentially a way to formalise the beer economy.
But when is it appropriate to give a group gift and how exactly do you organise a group gift in the first place? What are some of the best group gift ideas? Let’s dive in.

What is a group gift?

As the title suggests, it’s when a group of people all contribute toward the total cost of a gift. The bigger the group, the bigger the budget. It’s simple maths. Depending on the arrangement, everyone may make an equal contribution or it may vary, depending on each individual’s financial situation and what they’re comfortable spending.

When do you give a group gift?

There are no set-in-stone rules about when to give a group gift. In fact, we’re hoping to see group gifting for all kinds of occasions become more commonplace - like launching a business, reaching a big personal goal or buying a house. Usually, however, group gifting is mostly for occasions such as:

  • Farewells

  • Thank-you’s

  • Retirements

  • Graduations

  • Presentations

  • Weddings

  • Baby showers

  • Birthdays

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Why give a group gift?

Have you ever found the perfect gift for someone but it’s way outside your budget? We can definitely relate - and so can most people. In almost every scenario, cost is the number one determining factor when it comes to buying gifts. And spending hours trying to find something that’s affordable but still feels meaningful is a chore - and frankly, almost impossible.

A group gift is an easy solution. It’s a collaborative effort that allows everyone to contribute toward something meaningful, regardless of their budget. 

This is particularly true with Gravy, as it makes it possible for people to organise (or “pledge”) a group gift that doesn’t cost anything except their time and good will. It means nobody feels obligated to spend more than they can afford and takes the pressure off individual gift-giving.

Being able to give a more personalised gift (or pledge) also significantly reduces the amount of waste in the world (one in five gifts end up in landfill and one in three gift cards are never redeemed), so it’s a win for Mother Nature, too.

How to organise a group gift.

Normally, a group gift requires a designated person who is responsible for facilitating the entire conversation and process. They’re in charge of managing timeframes, collecting the contributions, purchasing the gift, signing the card and putting it all together into a nicely wrapped bundle. For some people it’s no big deal but for the rest of the population it’s a massive, time-consuming ball-ache. 

Organising a group gift with Gravy is easy and the perfect remedy to ease the aforementioned ball-ache. It’s all digital (read: no logistics required) and all monetary contributions are managed through a secure payment platform called Zai (read: no chasing cash). Here’s how it works:

  1. Head to
  2. Choose who you’re gifting for. Whether you’re gifting to an individual, organising a group gift or setting up a registry for yourself, Gravy is the top dog for the job.
  3. Add gifts. Give or receive anything (and we mean *anything*) including stuff money can buy, and things it can’t - like human time, skills and good deeds.
  4. Personalise. Sending a gift card? Add a lovely message and perhaps an intention of how they spend it. Creating a business shower registry? Style it up with your own imagery. 
  5. Send or share! Send that digital gift to someone special, or share a link to your group-gift collection or registry with others to contribute.

The future of group gifts.

In recent years, almost everyone has felt financially pinched at some stage - particularly in the wake of the P-word. Multiple lockdowns made people not only rethink how they spend their money but what they spend their money on. Generally speaking, people want to give and receive gifts that don’t just make sense from a financial standpoint but that align with their values as well. 

Whether it’s the environment, animal welfare, spirituality, slow fashion or low-tox living, the future of group gifts (and gift-giving in general) is an exchange that feels less transactional and much more meaningful. Ultimately, gift-giving is about relationships and through Gravy we hope to deepen human connection by redefining the gifting experience. This (we hope) is the future of group gifts.

10 of the best group gift ideas.

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A piece of art

People don’t often go around buying themselves expensive artwork. It’s definitely a would-like rather than a must-have item, which is why it makes for such a great gift. 

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A holiday

Chipping in towards giving someone an opportunity to explore the world makes this gift a tough one to beat. Whether it’s a simple weekend getaway or a 12 month life sabbatical, any amount of time off is a good thing.

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Concert tickets

Seeing a live gig ain’t always cheap (just ask any Taylor Swift fan). Is it worth it for the memories? Heck, yes. Give a diehard fan a gift they’ll never forget by chipping in for tickets to see their favourite band or solo artist on stage.

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Team merchandise

Know someone who lives and breathes a certain sport? Who can watch back-to-back games of baseball, basketball, football (or whatever) and never get bored? This group gift is for the fanatical sports fans out there.

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A new gadget 

Tech is the way of the world now and with new gadgets appearing on the market daily, there’s always something to buy for  those who enjoy using devices. Of course, these innovative gizmos often come with a not-so-small price tag, which is why it makes for a great group gift.

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Support a fundraising event

In lieu of a traditional gift, why not rally a group of friends and family to support someone in their fundraising efforts. It might be a fun-run, a sports event, a charity ball or a trivia night - whatever the event, they’ll appreciate the support more than anything material.

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Support crew

There are times when having a community is really important. Perhaps you know someone who just had a baby or is busy trying to launch a new business. Maybe they’re battling illness or grieving the loss of a loved one. A dedicated ‘support crew’ pledging to organise a food train, ferry the kids to and from school, drop over a coffee or do a load of laundry etc. is a truly great group gift.

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Surprise party 

In many cultures, it’s customary for people to bring a present to a party. But rather than forking out money on individual gifts, why not ask everyone to contribute toward the cost of food, drink and decorations instead?

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Recipe book

Know someone who loves to cook or who often runs out of meal ideas? Why not create a personalised group gift by asking everyone to contribute their favourite recipe. It will be a truly homemade gift, in every sense of the word.

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Personalised jewellery

A nice bit of bling never hurt anyone and it’s something not many people buy for themselves. If there’s a piece of jewellery you know someone would love, earmark it for the next time you have the opportunity to organise a group gift.

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