9 May 2023


Karina Prebble


10 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Truly Meaningful

Fellow millennials might recall the 1994 film by Tia Brelis called ‘Trading Mom’. It’s a fantasy comedy about three kids who cast a spell to make their mother disappear - a strict, nagging, workaholic - and go shopping for a new (and better) one at ‘The Mommy Market’. 

Here they spend time with a wealthy-but-fussy French woman; an attentive-but-competitive nature-hiker; and a fun-but-wild Russian circus performer, none of whom turn out to be the right fit. Ultimately, they realise they prefer their real mum and break the spell to bring her back (fortunately, she is much kinder upon her return).

The film’s reviews were mostly negative but the message it did bring home is that every mother is unique in their own way. It’s a message which raises an interesting question around one of our most important annual events - Mother’s Day. 

Historically, it’s a celebration where almost every mother (or mother figure) receives a nicely worded card and some flowers or a pair of slippers. But if we accept the notion that every mother is different, why are they all getting the same gift? Shouldn’t Mother’s Day gifts be as individual as the person receiving them?

We certainly think so.

It’s part of the reason we created our digital gifting company Gravy in the first place: to facilitate meaningful gifting for all occasions - and every “type” of Mum.

But what to actually give? It could be flowers or slippers (they’re legitimately good Mother’s Day gifts if that’s their lane) but it could also be something that speaks to each mother’s individual qualities and interests, like a movie voucher (if they’re a Movie Buff Mum) or a pottery class (if they’re a Creative Mum). 

Gravy also allows people to give gifts of time and good deeds (we call these pledges), like helping to build a vegetable garden, going on a bushwalk together or cooking mum a meal. Because often the most thoughtful gifts don’t cost a dime.

Here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas that will be truly meaningful to mum.


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This is a mum who always has a fully stocked fridge and a long list of must-try restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars. Her hobbies include reading cookbooks and watching Masterchef (yes, it’s still going). Her holiday plans revolve heavily around the best places to eat and drink and she isn’t afraid to add a bit of butter to her meals.

GIFT: Best restaurants of Australia voucher.

PLEDGE: Offer to cook mum a meal to share together.

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Part plant, part human. Give this mum some gloves and an overgrown garden to tend to and there’s a good chance she’ll disappear until dark. She can easily differentiate a plant from a weed and can talk for hours about the importance of composting and pollinators. She often uses the word “mulch” too many times in a sentence, especially when meeting new people.

GIFT: Bunnings voucher.

PLEDGE: Offer to install a vegetable garden or spend a day helping her pull some weeds.

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This mum eats books for breakfast. If she’s cranky, it’s probably been too long between reads. Having her nose buried in a book is both her hobby and her therapy and she’s the first point of call for anyone looking for a good novel to take travelling. Her vocabulary is outstanding and she sometimes smells like a library (in a good way). 

GIFT: Booktopia voucher.

PLEDGE: Start a book club with mum and your siblings.

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This mum is usually in the throes of raising a small dependent or battling night sweats (hello, menopause). Or she’s just tired from being constantly rushed off her feet because, well, she’s a mum. She could sleep standing up but often has micro naps on the toilet instead (it’s much safer). Caffeine is her greatest ally.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Adore Beauty voucher.

THE PERFECT PLEDGE: Give your mum a step-by-step demonstration of how to implement a daily self care beauty regime.

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A glass-half-full mum who likes to grab life by the horns. Explorer Mum is always up for an adventure and is curious about the world around her. She doesn’t fare well in captivity, she belongs in the wild. New experiences are her drug of choice and she embraces anyone who is willing to join her for the ride.  

THE PERFECT GIFT: Airbnb voucher.

THE PERFECT PLEDGE: Pledge to stay with your mum at the place of her choosing.

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Forever colouring outside the lines and thinking outside the box, this mum avoids the status quo like the plague. Creativity is in her blood. She’s free spirited, clever and can live with a certain amount of mess. Whether it’s cooking, painting, building, sewing, writing, sculpting (or whatever) she’s happiest when she’s wearing her creative hat. 

GIFT: Class Bento voucher.

PLEDGE: Pledge to do a clay and sip pottery class with mum to create something new together.

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The Cafe Mum is easily identified. She’s either wearing a stylish pair of shades and reading the paper or on her laptop getting sh*t done. She always seems upbeat and unhurried. She’s on a first name basis with every local barista and they all know her coffee order off by heart. Small talk is her superpower.

GIFT: Hey You voucher.

PLEDGE: Pledge to start a weekly tradition of a coffee meet.

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The Movie Buff Mum can’t get enough of the silver-screen and talks more about Kevin Costner than any other male figure in her life. From the latest blockbuster to timeless classics, she has an insatiable appetite for all things film. She weaves movie quotes into every conversation and is certain she was an actress in her previous life. She makes for a wonderful trivia teammate. 

GIFT:  HOYTS movie voucher.

PLEDGE: Arrange a monthly movie catch up to see the latest blockbuster.

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Also known as a modern-day multitasker, the Tech Mum is always one of the first to adopt the latest gadgets and apps. She is well-connected, well-versed in social media and is forever finding ways to streamline her day-to-day tasks with the implementation of digital devices. She’s a quick learner and can type as fast as she talks.   

GIFT: JB Hi-Fi voucher.

PLEDGE: Pledge to help mum install whatever gadget she buys.

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The mum that everyone admires for her effortless style and swagger, Fashionista Mum never leaves the house looking anything less than fabulous and is always across the latest fashion trends. She oozes confidence and prioritises self-care. She’s the only person who can safely eat a meal while wearing white. 

GIFT: Shieke voucher.

PLEDGE: Take mum shopping for a new wardrobe.

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Whether she is competing in tournaments or just playing for fun, Golf Pro Mum loves to have a hit. She enjoys being outside, socialising and the physical and mental challenge the game brings. She wears polo shirts - a lot - and talks frequently about eagles, snowmen and albatrosses (IYKYK). 

GIFT: Drummond Golf voucher.

PLEDGE: Pledge to go for a swing with mum.

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The Crafty Mum has a strong appreciation for tradition and enjoys the process of making things as much as the finished product. She is playful and patient and is constantly exploring new techniques and ideas to fuel her creative passions (usually knitting or sewing). She loves anything with a personal touch, is difficult to drag away from a market stall and has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to craft.

GIFT: Spotlight voucher.

PLEDGE: Pledge to learn her craft and carry on the tradition.

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