9 February 2022


Karina Prebble


What To Include On Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations, and, more specifically, what to include in your wedding invitation, isn’t always clear cut. Firstly, there’s the decision around what type of invitation you want to send out (eg. paper vs. digital, save the dates vs. straight-up invites, reply-paid RSVPs vs. text etc.). And secondly, there’s the decision around what information to include.

There are some essential details that need to be communicated to guests, such as the date, location and time, but there is also some additional info that can be helpful to share with and to collect from your guests, like accommodation options, preferences around gifting and any dietary requirements that need to be passed onto your caterer.

Let’s get into what to include on your wedding invitations.

The logistical essentials

Anything that’s vital for your guests to be able to make it to your wedding should be included in your invite. Obvious logistical things include:

  • The names of the couple getting married

  • The date

  • The time

  • The location

But beyond the who, when, what and where, there are some other things to consider that you might not have considered.


The RSVP info

Specifically, how you want your RSVPs communicated and by when.

There are a few options here. You could simply ask guests to respond via text to a nominated number by a particular date. Or you could include a pre-stamped postcard where your guest can physically tick a ‘Hell yes, count me in’ or a ‘Bummer, I can’t’ check-box and post it back.

If you’re keeping everything paperless and using digital invites, most wedding websites or apps have a whiz bang RSVP tracker you can use.

Any of these options work but just make sure you ask for the RSVP with enough time to let your caterer know your guest numbers, as well as your hire company if you’re having to organise your own chair hire and table settings (cutlery, glassware etc.) for the wedding.


The dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are another piece of information you’ll need to collect from your guests to pass onto your caterer, and the easiest way to do this is for them to note it on their RSVP. This is where that fancy pre-stamped postcard can come in handy as you can ask people to note these down. Otherwise, they can be sent via email or text - or again, a lot of RSVP tracker tools have this as an option, too.


The dress code

This isn’t essential (everyone realises that it’s not really appropriate to lob up to a wedding in a bikini or loungewear) but it’s often appreciated by guests. And if you want people to really level up in ‘Black tie’ or get festive in ‘Garden cocktail’, it’s something you’ll need to communicate on your invitations.


The gifting info

Your guests will want to give you a wedding gift. And to make sure you don’t end up with multiple casserole dishes and 64 fancy wine glasses, your wedding invitation is the place to communicate your grateful wishes here. 

If you’re setting up an online wedding registry like Gravy, simply include your unique URL on the invitation, accompanied with some short and sweet words. For example, Your presence is greatest gift of all, however should you wish to contribute to our married life, you can find our registry here: [URL].


The optional extras

Here are some additional things you may choose to include on your wedding invitation: 

  • If you’re stuck for song ideas or just want to create an epic playlist for a pre/post wedding gathering, you could ask your guests to send you a music request in your RSVP.

  • If you’re making a long weekend out of your wedding and plan on getting guests involved in some events (e.g. wine tour, golf tournament), share an itinerary and also suggested accommodation with your invites.

  • Kids. Are they welcome or not? It can be an awkward thing to address but it’s worth making it clear on your invitation so there’s no confusion and they can plan ahead.


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