9 February 2022


Tamara Louis + Amy Parfett


Help! We don’t know what to put on our wedding registry.

You’re getting married! Firstly, congratulations. And we hope your planning is going well. Some decisions are easy, simple, non-negotiable. Others… leave you stumped.

Like, perhaps where to start with adding items to your wedding registry.

Is this you? Not sure what to pop on the registry? What's standard and appropriate and what seems excessive or left-field?

Let us begin by saying that just like your wedding, your registry should be a reflection of the things that you're into. And there's no right or wrong thing to add to your registry - you're individuals after all - so simply add things to it that would genuinely mean something to you.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, choose items, experiences, donations, and non-monetary requests of help (yes, you can do that ) that will truly make an impact on your lives (and the lives of others who are important to you). You can’t go wrong.

All of this said, you're here for tangible ideas right? So let's get into it.


For the couples already living together that don’t need more stuff

Make your registry focus on experiences or Gravy ‘Give’ gifts (that is, things that your guests can gift you that cost no money, e.g. help painting your house). 

Ask yourselves, what do we love to do? If you love drinking cocktails, a bougie mixology class could be it. Bushwalkers? An annual National Parks Pass could make the list. Plan on getting away after the wedding? A simple, all-encompassing honeymoon fund is an easy winner. Think of things you can do together, in or out of your comfort zone.

For the thrill-seeker lovers

Is getting outdoors and adventuring really your jam? Add gifts to your registry that reflect your adrenaline-craving hearts. 

How about camping gear? Think: a new tent, sleeping bags (you can get double ones, did you know? Hello, snuggles) or a camper trailer fund. Maybe diving or snorkeling gear appeals? Or hiking boots for you both? 

If sky-diving is super romantic to you, pop it on the registry. And don’t forget bungee, go-carting, horse-riding, camel tours, stand-up paddle boarding, surf lessons and hot-air ballooning (with Champagne, duh). 

For couples ticking life goals 

Chances are, you’re thinking about the future. And your registry can help you move close to ticking off some of those major goals you’re hoping to achieve together. Here, we’re talking a home deposit fund, a renovation fund, a puppy/kitten fund, an IVF fund, an around-the-world-plane ticket, a language class, an education fund (for future studies).

The sky’s the limit, and a contribution from your guests will help you reach your goals and make those dreams real, sooner.

For the do-good couples 

This is all of us, right? Who doesn’t want to give back in some way through the very act of getting married? By using a registry like Gravy, you’re able to communicate with your guests some of the things you’re passionate about and ask for your community to get involved to further these initiatives (it’s something exclusive to our registry, through our unique ‘Give’ gift option). 

For example, do you dedicate any time to animal rescue? Or volunteer to any community programs? Do you donate blood regularly? Are you on an organ donor list? Do you practice meat-free Mondays to try and help the planet? You can ask your guests to do the same, as a wedding gift to you. 

By asking your friends and family to get behind your passions, you’ll be helping ignite their desire to do good while helping the lives of others and the world at large. Win-win.

For those wanting to lean on their community

Your family and friends are a bunch of talented, skilled, generous people. And it makes sense (well, to us) that you can lean on them to help you kickstart your married life. Gravy helps you do this as a wedding registry by allowing you to ask your guests for gifts that don’t necessarily cost them a cent - just their time, energy and good will. 

Some ideas? How about adding pet-sitting to your registry so that Fido is left in caring hands on your next vacay? Or help when you move house? Or, a garden working bee. A chicken coop building session. A car service. A haircut. A new artwork. Think about the skillsets of your people and add some gifts to your registry that they may feel inspired (and flattered) to ‘give’ you. 

Or, if you’ve got particularly creative friends, you could even ask them to help contribute to your wedding as a gift to you by adding tasks as gifts to your Gravy registry. Think creating your wedding bouquets. Baking your wedding cake. Serenading you down the aisle. Or, helping set up tables on the morning of the celebration. We can guarantee you guests will feel honoured to be a part of your special day.

For the foodie (and boozie) couple 

Because we all know the stomach and the heart are connected, it makes sense to represent these important organs on your wedding registry. 

Think a wine subscription, food delivery service, fancy cookware, designer cookbooks, helpful appliances, fancy wine glasses, cooking classes, barista-worthy coffee machine, wine decanter, beer brewing kit, restaurant voucher, wine-tasting, wine appreciation class, distillery tour. The world is your delicious oyster so think about the things or experiences you’d like to share with your other half and pop them on the registry.

For the home-makers 

Our guess? After the wedding you’re going to want to spend some much-deserved time at home taking naps. So, you might as well make sure it’s on a comfy couch or between some high-thread count linen sheets (we won’t speculate on the other newlywed activities happening there). 

Getting married offers you the wonderful opportunity to take your home spec up a notch - this could look like asking for a fancy new artwork, a rug, a paint fund, ceramics, a new vase, a mattress, plantation shutters. There’s no shortage of inspo on Pinterest or home mags, so go for gold.

For the tech-minded duo

Let’s be real - this is kind of all of us. There’s no getting around the fact we live in a digital world and if your devices need an upgrade, your wedding registry could be a place to help make this happen. Think a new desktop computer, new sound system for the home, new TV, new gadgets, a cryptocurrency fund, an NFT, new gaming gear. Whatever presses your buttons (ha).

Still stuck for ideas? Gravy has hundreds of gift templates to spark your imagination. 

Simply pour yourself a glass of wine, get settled in on the couch and get browsing. You can choose a mix of gifts, experiences, charities and things people can give their time or talents too. And remember, there’s no rules on what to include or how many from column A, column B. Go nuts. 

Ready to get started? Begin creating your wedding registry right here (or log back in and populate your registry with these ideas).