9 February 2022


Tamara Louis


10 Ideas for Wedding Gifts That Will Improve the World (Not Even Kidding)

Ah, the infamous wedding registry. A traditional means to ask for gifts that you will not want to return straight after your honeymoon. But tradition aside, the truth is many couples already have…stuff. The stuff they need to make their home a home, their bed a bed, a kitchen a kitchen - you get where we’re going.

That’s why in recent times (and indeed, for some cultures much longer than that), it’s become very much the norm to ask for a gift of cash instead of physical items. 

That way, you can push the much-appreciated money towards experiences like a honeymoon or road trip. Or, larger ticket purchases like home-renovations, an artwork, a new couch. Or just the pots and pans of a traditional registry - but from a store you like when there’s a sale on. 


Imagine if instead of asking for cold, hard cash or more ‘stuff’, you could also use the generous nature of your guests to benefit the greater good. Wouldn’t that feel nice (*nods head*)?

Cue, Gravy: the digital wedding registry helping modern couples ask for both cash and non-monetary gifts of time, skills and good deeds. 

We believe love makes the world a better place, and that weddings are about bringing your family and community together to enrich your lives through a collective experience. And so we thought, what if your wedding registry can make the world a better place too? Like, quite literally? 

Using Gravy, a couple can lean on their community to kickstart their married life - but also to make their guests’ lives more enriched through encouraging good deeds that are close to the heart of the couple. 

Gravy even sends a helpful reminder to guests to complete the ‘Give’/’Gives’ they’ve chosen: Hey Dave, have you registered for organ donation yet? Hint, hint. Friendly accountability at it’s finest.

Here are 10 world-improving gift ideas you could add to your wedding registry:


1. Donate blood

It’s a simple thing that literally saves lives (up to three from one single blood donation). Blood can help treat cancer and blood diseases, severe burns, road incidents and trauma, pregnant women, young children and more. Ask your eligible guests to visit a donation centre and feel good knowing that you’ve helped strangers during their darkest hour

2. Adopt a koala

Koalas are disappearing - and wouldn’t that be a travesty? Adopting a koala helps qualified folks rescue and treat sick or injured koalas and release them back to the wild where possible. It also assists with the conservation and expansion of habitat (the leading koala threat) and the collection of information for research and educational material. Sold? *adds to registry*

3. Join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

Did you know that every 40 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer? For some, a bone marrow transplant is their only chance at survival. Joining the donor list is a chance to give the gift of life to someone incredibly in need. The donor list looks for 18-35 year olds with good health - if you’ve wedding guests that fit this criteria, then consider it an option for your registry.

4. Sign a petition

Have a cause you feel strongly about? Raise awareness and generate change around the issue by asking your wedding guests to sign a petition. It’s something that will take your guests just seconds but could mean the world to you. You could request that your wedding guests share it on their social media platforms too

5. Sponsor a child for a year

It’s hard to think of a more rewarding gift than knowing you’re improving the life of a child somewhere in the world and also providing their community with much-needed resources simply through a relatively small donation each month. Add this worthy gift to your registry and create a ripple effect that an individual less economically/socially fortunate than you will take with them into their adult life.

6. Check the pouch of a roadkill victim 

Pop this on your registry if you’re an animal lover. It goes like this: next time your guests happen to be on a road trip (hey, it could even be to your wedding if you’re getting married at a destination) ask that they keep an eye out for animals that had the unfortunate luck of getting hit by a vehicle. And if they spot any victims, to pull over (if safe) and check a) if they have a pouch, and b) if there’s an orphaned baby to be rescued. And then encourage guests to call their relevant state wildlife hotline to get the bub into the hands of the right experts. 

7. Go plastic free for a month

It requires some forward thinking, some master planning and some sacrifices, but can you imagine if we all gave this a go? It’s hard to underestimate the impact. Ask your guests to give it a crack - the likelihood is it will instill better habits and a new way of thinking (and the planet will love you for it!).

8. Become an organ donor

Organ donation – let’s discuss. While considering your own mortality isn’t the easiest thing to think about, it’s important that we all do. Especially given that one donor can save or greatly improve the lives of 10 or more people. That’s a pretty mind-blowing stat. Becoming an organ donor is as simple as an online process these days and you can ask your guests to consider embracing this incredible gesture as a wedding gift to you.

9. Take 3 for the sea

Here’s an easy one to ask your guests to commit to: picking up three pieces of trash while on a walk, at the beach, at the playground - anywhere. The sea will be spared from the pollution and the local community benefits too.

10. Buy a copy of The Big Issue 

The Big Issue is a fortnightly, independent Australian magazine sold on the streets by people experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage (and if you're not down under, consider if there's a similar publication you could add to your registry). Each vendor earns $4.50 per magazine, giving them the opportunity to make a meaningful income. Not only that, it's a decent read as well. By asking your guests to purchase a copy as a wedding gift to you, you’re impacting individuals' lives in an immediate way. 

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