21 August 2023


Karina Prebble


10 Gift Ideas You Can Give Dad That Won't Cost A Cent This Father's Day

It takes two to procreate and although mother's do all the heavy lifting in the beginning (read: birth) we think it's important - particularly on Father's Day - to acknowledge the role dads play in not only co-creating new life but raising their offspring too.

The official day to thank all fathers (and father figures) out there is fast approaching and if we put aside the terrible jokes and inability to multitask, there's a lot that dads do that deserve formal recognition. Generally speaking, they teach us about loyalty (supporting their sports team, even when they're woeful), balance (exercise followed by fried food) and patience (number twos can take an awfully long time). 

Usually people express their appreciation on Father's Day by buying dad a Father's Day gift - a bottle of wine, new socks or some golfing paraphernalia are typical front-runners. But what if there was a more meaningful and more affordable way to show love and gratitude to the real superheroes in our lives? 

Using Gravy, you (or the kids) can give dad a gift of human time and good-will. Things like going for a bushwalk, help painting the house, a fishing day, a blood donation or a week's worth of dinners. This Father's Day, rather than buying dad more stuff, why not consider giving him a gift that won't cost a cent but that he'll truly appreciate - something that means more time together? 

And if you really feel like you'd like to spend a little money, you can supplement your pledge of human time with a gift card to hundreds of different brands too (we've match-made some gifts ideas below).

It's part of a huge shift we're trying to nurture regarding the way our culture gives and receives gifts. By giving the dad's out there a personal, affordable Father's Day gift of your own time, you'll be lessening the load on landfill and making the entire gifting experience more meaningful. Win-win. 

1. Make a playlist

Does your Dad dig music? Creating a personalised playlist with some of his favourite tracks (or any artists you think he might like) is an incredibly thoughtful gift that costs nothing but your time. He can listen to it while he's driving or walking the dog and always think of the kind human he helped create (that's you). 

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2. Start a book club

If you normally find your Dad with his nose buried in a book, inviting him to be part of a family book club is a gift that will keep on giving. It's also an excuse to catch up and unpack all the plot twists, juicy scandals and new knowledge afterwards.

Pair this with a gift card: Dymocks gift card


3. Walk the dog

Dads with dogs never get a day off. An offer to walk his best (furry) mate gives dad some guilt-free tie to do something for himself - grab a coffee, sleep in, have lunch with a friend or just go for a walk without having to pick up turds.

Pair this with a gift card: Best Pets Gift Card

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4. Clear out your stuff

Did you "move" out of home years ago, and yet your things are still taking up most of your parent's storage space? Show your dad that his job of raising a fully functioning and self-sufficient adult is finally complete by finally packing up your belongings. As a dad, there is a no greater gift than a truly empty nest.

Pair this with a gift card: Freedom Gift Card


5. Plant something together

Did you know that one in five gifts end up in landfill? To this, we say put something else into the earth instead. If dad enjoys gardening and you want to gift him something that's good for the planet, offer to spend some quality time outdoors together. It could be planting a tree, flowers or even vegetables. Every time he sees it, he'll be reminded of your shared experience.

Pair this with a gift card: Bunnings Gift Card


6. Cook his favourite dinner

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and we'd say the same thing for women. Nevertheless, if you really want to show dad how much you love him, offer to prepare his ultimate death-row dinner.

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7. Organise a family game night

Gather the family for  fun-filled games night. Whether it's poker, board games or a friendly trivia competition, if dad enjoys healthy competition and a good laugh this gift will be right up his alley.

Pair this with a gift card: Myer, Xbox Gift Card


8. Create a memory jar

Find an old jar and start filling it with small notes and memories. Share moments you've cherished, funny anecdotes and reasons why you love him. It's a gift he can dip into whenever he needs a quick oxytocin hit.

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9. A day of quality time

The most precious gift you can give dad is the gift of time. Plan a day filled with activities he loves, whether it's hiking, board games or just sitting in the sunshine with a mug of coffee. Gifts don't need to be extravagant - often it's the simple things that are the most meaningful. 

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10. Create a coupon book

A massage, a cold beer delivered straight from the fridge, a sleep-in, breakfast in bed, a nap, a free pass to go surfing, a night off the dishes... think of all the things you know dad loves and put them together in a coupon book for him to redeem whenever he likes. 

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Ready to give a gift they'll truly love? It's absolutely free to use Gravy. Get started here.

Whether you're gifting as an individual or creating a group collection for siblings to contribute to, we've got your covered.